9 juil. 2010

Alternative House

New Pic! House

Originally imagined as a possible cover for Heet Seas' [3] album.

3 juil. 2010

Pic Of The Day! Holed

One of my first drawings of 2005 with pencil and markers. I've made a similar scultpture of this a few years ago...then this is the shit beneath...

No rings....but a green butter knife.

28 juin 2010

Pic of the day! extract from Krash 1.1

an extract from Krash, a graphic novel by myself. 2008

17 juin 2010

Pic Of The Day! "Tchouk"

A pic from 2008, India Ink and markers.

13 juin 2010

Pic of the day! NDT, God of water closets

NDT, God of water closets,
Illu couleur, Encre de Chine, markers.
Etrange délire enfantin

10 juin 2010

Pic of the day! Le Chasseur

Voici une illu de 2008 intitulée Le Chasseur... Encre de Chine et plume, et un brin de... fantaisie.

Here I am!

hey hey hey, bienvenue sur mon blog, blablabla, dessins, musique, etc, super!